Process is to design as breath is to yoga

In a yoga class, the teacher circulates through the room, providing instruction to the students. Humble your chin. Stretch out your toes. Fire up your glutes. In a design studio, an art direction does something similar. They check in on their colleagues, providing incremental direction on a website, business card, or logo. Increase the contrast. Highlight the idea. Synthesize the textures.

In a yoga class, the teacher underscores their entire direction with a simple command: breath. Bring your movements back to breath. Let the breath provide space and energy to your practice. In the design studio, this same command is represented through process. Let the process lead. Trust in the process. Don't focus on the outcome—touching your heels on the ground a lat downward dog, or winning an Applied Arts award as per recognition and satisfaction. Stay present with the connection you have to the work.